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Common Heating and Air Service Questions

Q. How often should I replace my filters?

A standard 1″ filter should be replaced at least once a month if not bi weekly depending on the amount of animals and traffic in your home. A 1″ filter by Honeywell standard is only 9% effective. If anyone has allergy issue in the home an upgraded filtration system would be a better alternative

Q. How often should I have maintenance done on my air conditioner?

Your homes heating and air system should be serviced 2 times per year. Once before the heating season and once before the cooling system. Servicing your system will allow it to operate more efficiently and allow you to locate an underlying issue before a costly breakdown occurs.

Q. How are the sizing capacities of heating and cooling systems measured?

The sizing capacities are based on several different variables. How your house is positioned towards the sun, The amount of square footage in the home and also the insulation quality in the home.

Q. How important is it to get the right size of heating and cooling equipment?

Sizing HVAC equipment is very important from the standpoints of both comfort and energy use. Heating and air equipment that are over-capacity will not run as frequently or as long when it does run. In both cases, this may mean poor humidity control. It could also result in temperature variations or noticeable cycling. Over-capacity equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched capacity either. On the other hand, equipment that is under-sized, will obviously result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes.

Q. How can I increase the efficiency and life of my home’s heating and cooling systems?

You can increase or maintain your systems efficiency by regularly cleaning the filter, the outdoor coil, having the system serviced semi anually and keeping the indoor coil clean as well.

Q. How important is air quality and what factors need to be considered?

Indoor air quality is one of the most important and most overlooked things when considering having your system replaced or serviced. Indoor air is 10x more polluted than outdoor air because there is no fresh air being circulated. Cleaning the duct system every 5-7 years not only helps eliminate dust but also controls the amount of other particulate matter in the air that leads to most allergies.

Q. How do I know whether my heating and cooling equipment needs replacement or just repair?

A qualified service technician can help you make this decision by explaining the cost of the repairs and the condition of the system. If the system is past its life expectancy and the repair bill is very costly replacing the system with a more energy efficient system would actually be a much better option to you as a consumer.

Q. When should I replace my existing heating and air conditioning unit system?

All systems and units are different. Here are some rough lifespan guidelines to help you decide whether fixing or replacing is the right decision:

  • Average Lifetime of an Air Conditioner: 12-15 yrs.
  • Average Lifetime of a Furnace: 15-20 yrs.
  • Average Lifetime of a Boiler: 15-20 yrs.

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Some units last longer than that with regular maintenance and replacement of parts. But if a unit has been repaired repeatedly, or has been run excessively, it might make more sense to replace it even sooner.

Q. What should I look for when choosing a new heater, heat pump or air conditioning unit?

When purchasing a new system fist and foremost an air conditioner is an appliance so make sure your buying the product with the best warranty. Most products have interchangeable parts so choose a system that’s gonna fit your needs as well as your budget. The system you choose is only as good as the company that installs the product

Q. Why is it important to choose a reliable company?

Many companies in the HVAC industry don’t express the need to be there for their customers after installation or service of heating and cooling systems. But a solid, good reliable company, such as All Weather Heating and Air, will stand behind its work. One way is through our workmanship and providing you with priority service. Another is our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied with our service we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.


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